Welcome to Our Marietta

What is Our Marietta?

The purpose of this website is to improve communication in the Borough of Marietta – both within the entire community and, especially between all the organizations who, independently, work hard to provide community service.

Stay informed This website will be a place to find out what’s being discussed and what’s happening.  Use the Community Blog to post your ideas, observations and questions.


The name “Our Marietta” started with a grant initiative that was underway by 2016. Marietta received a Lancaster Conservancy/Riverlands planning grant to determine how best to leverage the new Northwest River Trail for community and economic development. This involved considerable outreach to and communication with community stakeholders including extensive data gathering through surveys of citizens, businesses and trail users. (The results of these surveys are available on this website)  The initiative was called “Our Marietta” and this term was used to identify the various outreach activities undertaken by a steering committee and its consultants.

An Action Plan (available here) based on stated community needs and goals was developed from all the outreach activities. Now it is up to the community to carry out this plan. A first step is improving communication between individuals and organizations – hence this website. It is hoped that the site becomes interactive and thereby identifies volunteer needs, events, and activities where there are chances of collaboration. The original Our Marietta steering committee has reached out to town and organization leaders and there have been gatherings where town priorities have been discussed.

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