As one of the historic towns within the Susquehanna Riverlands, Marietta Borough appreciates the unique position we are in to benefit from the exceptional natural, cultural and recreational resources connected to our community. These resources represent outstanding opportunities for positive community and economic development for the Borough.

In 2016, the Borough of Marietta applied for and secured funds from the Lancaster County Conservancy’s Susquehanna Riverlands Mini Grant Program to implement the “Marietta Placemaking Readiness Initiative.”  This initiative was intended to allow leaders from all areas of the community to come together and plan for the future of Our Marietta. Together.

Planning Process

Through a year-long asset-based planning process, Our Marietta seeks to do two things: (1) cultivate viable working relationships among local government and business leaders, residents, community based organizations, and regional agencies; and (2) enact a plan that ensures Marietta is poised to leverage the benefits of the growing heritage and eco-tourism in the region. 

The planning process and outcomes will include:

  • considerable outreach to and communication with community stakeholders
  • asset and resource inventory and assessment
  • capacity building to enable various groups and individuals to coalesce around a common plan of action
  • data collection via primary research/surveys on recreational users, experience and expenditures
  • development of an implementation-based plan with realistic strategies and projects.

At the end of this planning project, Marietta residents, businesses, and community leaders will be ready to collaborate on plan implementation as they aspire to be the community envisioned by all who live, work, and play here.

Get Connected…Stay Involved

The Our Marietta planning team encourages everyone to get connected to this effort.

This website will be the place to find out what’s being discussed and what’s happening next. It will also be the place for you to post your own thoughts, hopes, and questions. Bookmark it and come back often. 

There were community activities in 2017 as the focus was initially on outreach and communication (through community conversations and surveys). These were opportunities for everyone to learn more about the Our Marietta planning effort and to share their thoughts and opinions directly with the planning team.

Now that the initial data collection is largely complete, the planning team will be finalizing their report and plan of action. Stay tuned for details about how Our Marietta is moving forward…and how YOU can get involved.

If you prefer to speak with someone directly, we are hear to listen. Please contact the planning team to share your thoughts.